New sticky notes for the office.

New sticky notes for the office.

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Late upload but hooray for hakyeon kisses

Late upload but hooray for hakyeon kisses

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SISTAR(씨스타) - Touch my body(터치마이바디) Acoustic Ver

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had a morning walk, an ice cold shower, and now I’m lying on my floor with a green tea face mask, tangerines, and a coffeehouse soundtrack.

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viktoriav said: Hey there :) Is it hard finding an internship in Seoul? I'm going to study there for a year and wanted to work/intern during my semester break. (my major is business administration) Any tips? Thanks :)

Hi! You have to really do some digging to find an internship here in Seoul but two things can help you.  1. Be fluent/close to fluent in Korean (easy right? hahahah) 2. Work closely with your study abroad program and university to find work.  
Most internships I’ve seen are unpaid so you wouldn’t need a work visa, but keep that in mind if you’re applying for a paid position on a student visa.

Hope that helps^^

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We’re fabulous.

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Anonymous said: 으앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 제가 정신 없었어요! 용서해줘요 세희씌~ㅋ 실수! 실쑤!

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Neighbourhood details.

Neighbourhood details.

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